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... is to get you noticed and positioned as a leader in your field or industry.
When you have authority in your niche, that's when the opportunities and leads start coming.

So what's needed? A plan. Contrary to what you might think, you don't need money or power or influencers to truly succeed in your business.

But you DO need a plan.









How did he do it? With a bunch of elephants and a really good strategy. He stationed his undersized troops in key positions which effectively prevented the enemy troops from gaining access to food and water.

Consequently, the beleaguered Roman forces - awkwardly situated against windswept dust and grit - advanced forward into Hannibal's trap: his troops flanked in on their increasingly out-maneuvered and disorganized numbers, and took out 50,000 Roman soldiers.

That was over 2,200 years ago. If Hannibal were alive today, he'd ride in on an Aston Martin, conduct his strategies online at a digital agency called 'Cardinal Editions', and attempt to thwart Roman internet marketers' plans on global digital domination.

That's what we do best: like Hannibal, we strategise. We plot, organize, brainstorm, and devise a way for your business to win BIG - because when you win, we win. We are in the business of alchemy - turning dreams to reality: mainly, YOUR dreams.

So here's the plan (and pardon the techno-jargon):

  • First, let's convene and give us a chance to better understand your business - your needs, your targets, and ESPECIALLY your dreams.

  • Then, we will formulate a unique and personalised strategy for you that is like a map to hidden treasure: there's gold where 'X' marks the spot for sure!
    But wait
    ! You won't have to do the work - we will. And gladly.
    It all starts with arming you to the teeth with a magnificent website, one that is extraordinarily user-friendly for newbies and techies alike, and that ticks all the boxes:

    - exquisite design backed by stunning visuals,
    - informative and delightful content supported by thorough research,
    - engrossing copy that provides for an irresistible read,
    - backend nuts and bolts fuelled by first-rate and superlative AI web technology,

    - Already have a website? Fret not! We'll improve on it, give it a makeover, infuse it with some of our magic, if necessary.
    - Oh, and did we mention we will also drive traffic to your site? THAT was the point all along. We love cooking up a feast for the eyes (eyeballs, to be exact)!


  • Only we know how to fathom the complex machinery that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
    the infinitesimal manifestations of data in all manner of Tracking Technology that we possess - until finally you are able to behold (and tangibly!) a discernible and remarkable growth in your business's revenue, visibility and prominence: does that sound good?


  • And that's not all.

    SEO and Tracking Technology - that's the boring stuff.

    What we also do better than anyone else is put your products or services in front of the people that matter: it's called 'Digital Marketing'. Attention is the new currency, and with our breathtaking visuals and compelling copywriting, your customers won't be able to say 'No'.
    With our clever social media know-how, we fill your content with engaging blog posts, curious quizzes, vivifying videos, captivating photos, alluring articles, fascinating facts... you name it, we've got it.

Don't believe us? Well, if you've read up to here it means we must be doing something right. So, take a leap of faith. Call us, email us, send us a secret telegram - but only if you want to take your business to the next level. We'll show you how.

- Your Faithful Cardinals


This is Hannibal, General of the Carthaginian army. His greatest moment in history? Winning the Battle of Cannae in 216 BCE against an invincible Roman army who more than twice outnumbered his own.


Andy Wong,
CEO, Hitmaker Global Academy

Hitmaker Global Academy is pleased to work with Cardinal Editions and its Director Darrell Ang in matters related to marketing including the establishment of web contents and social media marketing. Darrell’s experience in the arts and entertainment industry is vast and we are looking forward to reaching more success with his experience and network.

Moses Lazarus Toh,
for WT Consultancy

Darrell and Cardinal Editions have done an amazing job in building my brand, website and online store. We are now entering into Phase 2 which is the digital marketing and online sales of my coaching business. I have every faith in their abilities to drive my business up and up!

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